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Overview: LUNARENO

Limited Online Presence: LUNARENO lacked an effective online presence, which hindered their ability to reach potential clients and showcase their expertise in custom cabinet building.

Unattractive Website Design: Their website was outdated and unappealing, failing to convey the quality and uniqueness of their cabinet building services. This detracted from their professionalism and deterred potential clients from engaging with their brand.

Low Brand Visibility on Social Media: LUNARENO had minimal presence on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, which limited their ability to connect with their target audience and build trust and credibility in the market.

Lack of Awareness about Digital Marketing: The company was unaware of the potential benefits of utilizing digital marketing strategies such as website optimization, social media advertising, and paid search marketing to attract new clients and drive sales growth.

Visually Appealing and Engaging Web Design: We worked closely to make the website look really cool and easy to use. We added awesome pictures, told stories about the great work they do, and let happy customers share their experiences to make the website shine.

Growing Facebook Followers to Build Trust: We made a plan to share fun stuff on Facebook so more people would follow LUNARENO. We also talked with people who commented or messaged to show that LUNARENO cares about them.

Facebook Ads Campaign: We created super cool ads that made people want to learn more about LUNARENO’s amazing cabinets. Then, we used special tools to show these ads to the right people, like homeowners who love nice furniture.

Paid Search Marketing: We figured out what words people use when they look for cool cabinets online. Then, we used these words to make sure LUNARENO’s website shows up first when someone searches for them. We kept an eye on how well everything was going and made changes to get even more people interested.

Visually Appealing and Engaging Web Design: The new website looked amazing! It had lots of cool pictures showing off LUNARENO’s beautiful cabinets. When people visited the site, they found it easy to use and learn about what LUNARENO can do for them.

Growing Facebook Followers to Build Trust: By sharing interesting stuff on Facebook, like pictures of their work and helpful tips about cabinets, LUNARENO got more people to follow them. When people left comments or messages, LUNARENO replied quickly and nicely, showing that they care about their customers.

Facebook Ads Campaign: LUNARENO made really cool ads that popped up on Facebook. These ads showed off their amazing cabinets and got people excited to learn more. They used special tools to make sure the ads were shown to the right people, like folks who love beautiful furniture.

Paid Search Marketing: LUNARENO figured out what words people use when they search for cabinets online. Then, they used those words to make sure their website showed up first in the search results. This meant more people saw their website and wanted to work with them. They kept an eye on how well everything was going and made changes to get even more people interested.

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